Core Values


Core Values

First Baptist has stood in the heart of downtown Knoxville since 1843. Our fellowship has evolved over time, but several core values continue to guide us:

Love God - As Jesus taught, the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. We live out this commandment in our daily lives as we grow in and are shaped by our relationship with God through Christ. As a community, we live out our love for God as we worship together and share life as disciples of Jesus.

Love Our Neighbors - Jesus also taught that the second commandment is like the first, to love your neighbors as yourself. This means we share the transformational love of Jesus with our neighbors in the city of Knoxville and the cities of the world.

Share Grace - As a community and individuals, we are continually overwhelmed by the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ. Having received God's grace, we now seek to share it  in order to bring peace and restoration to a  hurting world.

Celebrate Diversity - Our community believes every individual has the right and responsibility to read and interpret scripture, guided by Holy Spirit, in the context of Christian community. This is often called the "priesthood of all believers" and reminds us to respect diverse opinions as we journey together toward Christ-likeness. We believe a variety of perspectives is valuable and that God has equipped both men and women to serve as leaders in the church.

Build Bridges - We believe part of being a good neighbor is bridging the gap between church and the world. Our approach to building bridges is two-fold: (1) we open our doors to welcome our community in, and (2) we equip and empower one another to step out to meet our neighbors where they are.  We believe in both bringing our city to the church and our church to the city.

Embrace the Future - First Baptist proudly holds a beautiful legacy of ministering to the people of Knoxville for generations. This legacy comes, in part, from a consistent decision to innovate, challenge, and change -- both one another and ourselves -- in what it means to be the people of Christ in the world. As downtown Knoxville, our neighbors, and ourselves continue to change, we continue to choose to live into what God has in store for us.